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Become a HOPE Associate Member


An Associate Member, is any person, company or organization that provides products or services to long-term care, assisted living, county hospitals or CCRC’s and who is not an operator of any type of long-term care facility, senior housing, assisted living or a CCRC.   

To become an Associate Member, organizations must complete an application that will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.


  • Each Associate Member can designate an individual as their organizational representative.

  • Please note that HOPE does not endorse or recommend Associate Member organizations, nor do we enter into exclusive partnerships with any vendors or service providers who hold Associate Membership status. ​



Memberships are prorated, based on the date of approval, and membership renewals are issued in January for each subsequent year.

Complete the membership application and mail or email to HOPE.

Want to become an associate member of HOPE?  Contact

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