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IDOH Covid Vaccine Information

IDOH FAQ Sheet for HCP


Indiana Health Care Association (IHCA) provides excellent overview of CMS Interim Final Rule with New Requirements for COVID-19 Reporting for Long-Term Care Facilities


COVID-19 Vaccine Information


The Chief Medical Officer of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration has shared some materials regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. Below are links to AMDA information for your medical directors and staff about the vaccines. You'll also find a draft of a letter the medical director can send to families about the vaccine. 


The more we can start communicating this the more staff and residents who will get vaccinated and the sooner we will see decreases in outbreaks.

FSSA Announces COVID 4.2% Rate Approved For February


Nursing Facilities

Kathleen Leonard, FSSA’s Director of Reimbursement and Actuary announced an additional month of funding has been approved for the COVID 4.2% rate increase.  The temporary rate increase will be paid to all nursing facilities through February 28, 2021.

Long Term Care Newsletters

ISDH Division of Long Term Care (LTC) has developed newsletters that contain important information and updates from ISDH, CMS and CDC. The entire list of  LTC Newsletters are available at the following websites:

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