April 12 - May 28, 2021

Tentatively and subject to a minimum class size of 12.   This will be a virtual course utilizing a live stream to a Zoom classroom.  More details to follow.  Please check back.

  • Live stream Virtual Classroom

  • No classes May 3 - May 7, 2021

  • Approximately 50% of course content is specialized home based study

  • One week break

HOPE’s Health Facility (HFA) and Residential Care Facility (RCA) Administrator training course is a state approved, specialized course of instruction in long term healthcare administration.

The RCA and HFA courses are combined for three weeks. These
three weeks cover the material both RCAs and HFAs need: aging
processes, accounting, budget, management theory, legal issues, etc.
At the end of the three weeks, the RCA course is complete. The HFA
course continues for three more weeks during which nursing home
regulations, reimbursement methods, etc. are covered.

Here is what you'll need:

  • An Internet connection (not supplied or reimbursed by HOPE)

  • We believe effective learning requires two-way communications allowing the instructor to see and talk with all parties in the “classroom”.   All enrolled in the class will need one of the following (not supplied or reimbursed by HOPE):

    • A tablet with a working camera and speakers

    • A laptop with a working camera and speakers

    • A desktop computer with a working camera and speakers

  • A printer for assignments and PowerPoint presentations intended to support live classroom instruction (not supplied or reimbursed by HOPE)

  • HOPE will supply the required textbook and electronic and/or printed reference materials required for the course. 


Rebecca Bartle, MSN, RN, HFA; Terry Miller, HFA; and other carefully selected seasoned, long term care professionals.

Registration Now Open!

HOPE Member Pricing

RCA Course:  $2100

HFA Course:  $3100

Non-Member Pricing

RCA Course:  $2600   

HFA Course:  $3600   

You have two ways to register:

Register online and pay with a credit card by clicking on the REGISTER button for the course that you're interested in attending.  See below.

If you would like your facility to receive an invoice for registration, download and print out the registration form and mail or fax to complete your course registration.

Please select the appropriate registration form below based on the course you're interested in and your member status.  HOPE members will be required to create a member account and login to the HOPE member portal.

Call or email Terry Miller for questions: tmiller@hoosierownersandproviders.org /  812-470-8256

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