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April 17, 2020

Updated: May 5, 2020

FSSA Announces Temporary Base Medicaid Rate Increase For Nursing Facilities

In response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) is implementing a 4.2% increase in Medicaid reimbursement rates for all Indiana nursing facilities.

The rate increase will be effective beginning 3/1/2020 and nursing facility providers will receive retroactive rate adjustments for the month of March on 4/29/2020.  

For 4/1/2020 effective dates, rates will be revised in accordance with the normal case mix quarterly update and will then be increased by 4.2%  

Rate letters for 3/1/2020 and 4/1/2020 will be available on the Myers and Stauffer portal by the end of business on 4/17/20 and the increased rates will be effective in Core MMIS 4/20/20.

Immediate infusion of $30 billion into healthcare system

Recognizing the importance of delivering funds in a fast and transparent manner, $30 billion is being distributed immediately – with payments arriving via direct deposit beginning April 10, 2020 – to eligible providers throughout the American healthcare system. These are payments, not loans, to healthcare providers, and will not need to be repaid.  Indiana Nursing Facilities that do not participate in the IGT will notice the funds were directly deposited into the operating account of record with CMS, the remaining 500+ SNF are advised these funds were sent to your respective county hospital and you will receive further information directly from the hospital.

Read details by clicking this link:

HOPE will be update its website Monday and please note HOPE’s website is not, and should not, be considered an all-inclusive resource. Please check ISDH, CMS and CDC websites frequently, as information and/or directives are being released almost daily.


ISDH reminds all LTC & Assisted Living Providers to check their website regularly for the latest guidance and information of COVID-19

Long-term Care Facilities

ISDH Reminds All LTC Providers to Enter PPE in EMResource Daily


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