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HOPE Makes Modifications to its Educational & Conference Arrangement with LeadingAge Indiana

In the past, HOPE purchased certain clerical/business office services from LeadingAge which entitled HOPE members to attend LAIN educational offerings and LAIN conferences at member rates. The HOPE Board has determined a need for a change in 2020. There are two principle reasons as to why HOPE made this determination: (1) Declining attendance at the conference and educational events, making this change more fiscally responsible; and (2) Technology has transformed business and HOPE’s need for clerical and office support has changed.

This change means HOPE members wishing to attend LAIN educational or conference events will now register as non-members and pay the non-member rate. Moving forward, when HOPE members attend LAIN conferences or educational events, HOPE will reimburse members the difference between the member and non-member rate. 

Email your proof of registration and payment to HOPE will do the same for IHCA conferences and educational programs. High quality education is an important core service of a trade association. By supporting HOPE members in attendance at either LAIN or IHCA educational events at member rates, after the HOPE refund, there is a greater array of offering to members. Making these changes means HOPE will continue its work with a very low dues structure. HOPE is grateful for its long-standing close relationship with LeadingAge Indiana and looks forward to continued, close collaboration.

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