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Vaccine Registration Program

DOH Provides Vaccine Registration Details and Link for LTC Staff Dr. Weaver’s letter outlines who are eligible employees and volunteers. Dr. Weaver’s letter can be found HERE:

IDH provides this Power Point to walk you through the registration process and includes the needed registration link. You will find this HERE:

A message from the Indiana Department of Health to healthcare workers: You are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Please make an appointment here. using Firefox or Chrome. You can also use your mobile device. The website will direct you to the right vaccination site for you. Instructions with screenshots are attached to help walk you through the process. You may make your appointment now to receive vaccination at a nearby vaccination locations, or opt to get vaccinated later as part of a pharmacy outreach program at your facility. This registration link is for eligible healthcare workers only at this time due to limited vaccine supply. This includes frontline hospital and long-term care staff. If you need to reschedule your appointment for any reason, please visit (starting Dec. 14). Please tell the vaccine provider if you are currently ill or have ever had a severe allergic reaction. The vaccine has been approved by the FDA for emergency use, and studies have found it safe and effective. It takes two doses for the vaccine to work, so after you receive your first dose, please make your appointment right away to receive your second dose. You will receive a link to make a second appointment for your convenience after you receive your first vaccine, and a few reminders as well. Please provide correct insurance information. There will be no charge to you and health insurance is not required. Do not forward this notification or the link for scheduling. More information is available at Yours in health, Lindsay Weaver, MD, FACEP Chief Medical Officer Indiana Department of Health

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